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Growth-X For Web
Do you have Case Studies?
Can I target specific people/companies/lists through sales navigator?
How Do I Take Care of Two-Step Verification?
What is the pricing for Data Packages?
Can you tell me how long the system waits after a connection is made before it sends the follow up?
Once someone has accepted friend request, how long before they receive the follow up?
Is there a limit for the search URL in terms of character length?
How do I report a bug?
Isn’t using Growth-X a breach of LinkedIn’s User Agreement?
Can you recommend a source which will teach me how to become a search master?
Some of the text and links in my invite / followup messages are broken or contain non-English characters.
Why is my CSV data appearing in one column?
What are the triggers which cause a LinkedIn account to get blocked, and how does Growth-X avoid them?
LinkedIn requires me to provide the Email Address of people I try to invite. What should I do?
How to verify that the data that was imported is complete
I have a Sales Navigator account but I'm getting an error saying I don't
Who will be excluded when using the "Exclude companies" field
How frequently should I update my Search URL?
Will people suspect I'm using a bot to contact them?
How do you calculate the conversion rate?
How do I create campaigns which will generate the freshest leads?
What's the invite limit I can send per day?
Deleting or Archiving Campaigns
After a campaign was stopped, will it remember where it left off?
As we gain connections, LinkedIn begins showing captchas. Should we pause the campaign?
How can I keep track of my leads and further communicate with them?
Will LinkedIn users receive follow messages if they respond to the invite?