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What is Growth-X for web and how does it work? 

This is a version of the Growth-X app accessible through your web browser. You can access it with your Growth-X credentials through this link:

Why should I use it? 

It will eliminate the need to download the desktop application as well as the AWS server.

With the web-app you can access the Growth-X web-app from any device so you can make changes, updates and monitor your campaigns directly from the website at a much faster speed. 

Can more than one user on an account log into the web app to edit campaigns? 

Yes, multiple users can log in simultaneously through different browsers without logging out members. 

If I already have the app on the server what should I do? 

You can delete the Amazon Workspaces  client and use Growth-X directly through the web-app.

Any changes made on the web-app version will be updated to the Growth-X app on the server.

Can the web-app launch campaigns? 

Yes as long as the app on the cloud is active. All changes made on the web-app will be reflected to the active app within 24 hours from editing. In order to apply changes immediately, make sure to disable campaigns before applying changes. 

If I turn the app ON on the web-app, will it turn on the active app on the server? 

Yes, if you toggle the web-app on, it will launch campaigns from Growth-X app on the server.

I use the Growth-X Desktop App, not a cloud server. 

If your Growth-X app is not currently on the server, please contact your Customer Success Manager at to move to the cloud or you will not take advantage of using the Web app.

I don’t want to switch to the cloud. 

Benefits to using the AWS server: 

The app will run on the server with ease. It’s more secure, issues will be resolved faster and it will not disturb your computer while the app is working. Please contact and we’ll provide more information. 

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