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Do you have Case Studies?
Do you have Case Studies?

Case Studies

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CurrencyTransfer LTD 

Fin-tech company founded in 2014, raised their first seed round in July 2015.

After this time, the company had an urgent need for revenue growth from new clients and channel partners (mainly international businesses).

During the first two months of using Growth-X the company generated:

  • 7762 Connection Requests

  • 1,193 Approved connections

  • 418 Total Responses

  • 153 Highly relevant responses

Within the first quarter of using Growth-X, dozens of qualified leads were generated including end clients and channel partners.

"In our market, the average time to close a deal is between 1-3 months so we're very optimistic that trading revenue is going to accelerate from the origination capabilities that Growth-X provides". - CEO, Daniel Abrahams

CurrencyTransfer's most successful campaign targeting overseas channel partners, had over 100 responses and a conversion rate of 67%

"We see Growth-X as being a valuable backbone of our newly created SDR function. We even managed to organise an entire overseas trip with potential channel partners, off the back of a campaign we ran!" - CEO, Daniel Abrahams

Recent studies described social media as a critical component of B2B marketing. A 2017 article from Ventureharbour named social media as one of the top 5 effective ways to generate B2B leads. LinkedIn ranked at the top with 44% of marketers earning qualified leads - being more cost effective than traditional advertising and offering broader mileage.

"Growth-X has been proven to bring in leads at a low cost in comparison to other channels. It's also a very cost effective way of testing new markets, territories in an experimental and scalable way." - CEO, Daniel Abrahams

SF Based Startup in the IOT industry

Following a major funding round, the company had an urgent need for new customers and partnerships (mainly key people at companies that own and publish mobile apps). For this company, a lead is valued at $200.

During the first 30 days, the client generated:

  • 1830 connection requests

  • 910 approved connections

  • 128 responses

  • 90 highly qualified leads

Tel Aviv Based Cyber Security company

In the first two months of using Growth-X, the company generated multiple fortune 100 companies as hot leads (demo/meeting), including American Express, CVS, UnitedHealth, Petco, Hibbett, Belcan, BHP Billiton, and Aviva.

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