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Why was my user restricted and what should I do next?
Why was my user restricted and what should I do next?

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If you received a notification that your user was restricted, it typically means there were too many pending invites or too many people said they don't know you. LinkedIn could place a temporary restriction on your account, preventing you from sending invites.

In this case our system will detect the restriction and withdraw pending invites that are up to two weeks old from your account. LinkedIn should release the account shortly .

1st time restriction - the account will be released the same day, no action required.

2nd time restriction - 48 hours, no action required.

If this was a 3rd time restriction, LinkedIn may ask you to provide the email of the person you're trying to connect with. You will have to contact LinkedIn in order to lift this restriction from your account.

Another type of restriction could be related to sending too many invites in one day, you will have to contact LinkedIn to release the account as well.

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