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What are the triggers which cause a LinkedIn account to get blocked, and how does Growth-X avoid them?
What are the triggers which cause a LinkedIn account to get blocked, and how does Growth-X avoid them?
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When considering whether or not to use Growth-X, many of the people we've spoken to have had 2 major concerns:

a) Isn't it against LinkedIn's policies to use automation software?

b) Will LinkedIn recognize that there is a bot sending invites and messages, and therefore block my account?

Let's handle each of these questions separately. In another article, we covered 'Isn’t using Growth-X a breach of Linkedin’s User Agreement?' - you can read more about that topic there.

In this article, we'll discuss what many people are most concerned about: the safety of their LinkedIn account. Firstly, we'd like to say that this is a fair concern. In fact, at Growth-X, we believe in the amazing potential of your LinkedIn account, and that is why we've designed our product to keep your account safe (and efficient).

After a year and a half of serving our clients, we're proud to say that we still haven't had even one banned user.

How did we achieve this?! Well, prior to launching Growth-X we created multiple accounts and intentionally tried to get them blocked or banned (in order to find out what are the triggers for a block). We're still continuing to test these scenarios on a regular basis. Because we already recognize the triggers which cause an account to get blocked, we’ve developed our product in a way that will avoid these triggers.

When we really went overboard, and pushed our test accounts to the outer limits, we succeeded in getting a user blocked. Nonetheless, even in the rare case that a test account got blocked, it was easily reversible by simply sending an email to Linkedin’s support and asking to unblock the account.

So, what are the triggers that cause a LinkedIn account to get blocked, and how do we side-step them?

a) LinkedIn will, from time to time, insert captchas into the user experience (to verify that 'you're not a bot').

To solve this, we've created a captcha-solver, which causes LinkedIn to believe that there is a real person using the platform.

b) Probably the most popular reason for which people do get blocked on Linkedin is if they send spammy messages to untargeted audiences.

We hate spam ourselves, therefore we guide our clients and work with each and every one of them very closely in order to create the most targeted and converting campaigns. We even automatically stop campaigns with low conversion rates - again, to keep you safe.

c) From what we’ve researched, Linkedin is mostly concerned about tools and companies that are trying to scrape all their data. There were a few cases in the past where companies used tens to hundreds of servers to connect with fake Linkedin accounts, and then opened hundreds of thousands of profiles to scrape / copy data from LinkedIn.

With Growth-X on the other hand, our main goal is to help our clients reach the right people on LinkedIn and then easily follow-up with those targeted audiences. When we feel it makes sense, we even recommend that our clients upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator (a $79 charge that goes straight to LinkedIn).

LinkedIn is an incredible tool, and we view ourselves as the professionals to help you make the most out your account, while keeping it safe and secure.

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