An easy, automated way to target and send messages to your first level connections can be done with the Growth-X ‘Nurturing’ campaigns. To create a prospect list, you can use either a SalesNavigator Search URL or CSV file. You can send 100 messages per user per day (this is separate of your daily invite limit).

How to create a Nurturing Campaign  

  1. Click 'New Campaign', select ‘Nurturing'

 2. Fill in the campaign details and add Sales Navigator search URL (or CSV file).

3. If you're using a URL, make sure you add 1st degree connections under the "Relationship" filter. The total results limitation is the same; 2.5K maximum prospects per search query.

4. If you're using a CSV, please refer to this article on how to create a supported file. Toggle the CSV file button to upload a file.

5. You can exclude or include past responders by toggling on the 'Exclude Responders' button.
6. You can also exclude contacts already reached out to by other nurturing campaigns. More details here.

7. Hit 'Save' when you're done.
Go to your Dashboard, select the campaign and turn it 'On' from the drop down, add your user and you’re all set! 

Please note, this is a premium feature, please contact us to enable it.

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