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How to do Demand Generation with Growth-X?
How to do Demand Generation with Growth-X?
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Previous requirements:

  • I have a content generation team

  • I have enabled Nurturing campaigns (premium feature)

When doing demand generation, the goal with GX is to connect with as many ICPs as possible, but not to get them in a call or anything like that, rather to have them in my connections to build an audience who will, later on, receive my content.

  1. Create an acquisition campaign. With this nature of campaigns -> the more potential, the better.

  2. Create a piece of communication like a post, article, YouTube video, or anything that can be shared on Linkedin inbox attached or as a link.

  3. Create a Nurturing campaign with the same filtering as your acquisition, only that these are 1st-degree contacts. Start it only after you finish inviting everyone to your acquisition campaign.

  4. Turn on the Convert URLs in Trackable URLs to track success. The more clicks your URL had, the more “prints” your demand generation campaign made.

  5. After launching your Nurturing campaign, build your next acquisition and restart the process.

Do you have acquisition+? This campaign is a premium feature you can get to increase your invite pool! You can get 200 extra invites for only $x per user and 400 invites for only $x per user!

Using Acquisition+ increases your invite volume and the speed at which you build an audience while reducing your cost per connection per user!

Handling the inbox for demand generation

Make sure to tag all your conversation by category. For example, let’s say you are building an audience for posts and, at the same time, an audience for articles, but these don’t share targets.

For your posts, you can tag the conversations as “post audience” and for articles, “article audience.”

So next time you build your nurturing campaign for a follow-up or share the next content, you target by tags, making it easy to follow up. But you need to make sure to be consistent with the tags in order for this to work.

*Multiple options can be selected.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or send an email to

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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