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Growth-X API for Custom Integrations
Growth-X API for Custom Integrations
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If you would like to create your own custom integration (without using our Zapier) to your CRM or your system programmatically. We have two data-points that you will return New Connections and New Responders. These APIs will allow you to automate customer information flow and easily integrate and customize business data.

The API URLs are located in your Account Stats in the section Export Leads and More located at the bottom of the page.

Your can call such APIs ONLY once a day and ONLY with the predefined date range (multiple requests will be blocked and different date ranges will be blocked)

  1. API - New Connections (Yesterday) - JSON
    This API returns is a JSON file that contains all the new connections generated (from all users) between yesterday at midnight until this moment. Therefore calling this service once a day will be enough to have your system up to date.
    It will return the following information;

  • receiver_id - internal ID

  • crm_id - (optional) you can provide your CRM ID for CSV campaign

  • receiver data contains:

  • user - which user sends messages

  • campaign - from what campaign messages were sent

  • response - receiver's response

  • connection_date - time when connections between user and receiver
    was scanned

2. API - New Responders (Yesterday) - JSON
This API returns is a JSON file that contains all data of new connections that responded for the first time (from all users) between yesterday at midnight until this moment. So this theoretically returns the most interesting leads, as the connection as at least answered once.

It will display all the information listed above with the exception of connection_date and the addition of;

  • conversation - the whole conversation between user and receiver

  • message_sent_date - LinkedIn time converted to UTC

  • message_scan_date - time when receiver's message was scanned

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