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Can I target specific people/companies/lists through sales navigator?
Can I target specific people/companies/lists through sales navigator?
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Building a targeted prospecting list is the key to understand each one of your target audiences. If you wish to build in advance a targeted prospecting list you should follow one of the below options:

1. Adding tags to accounts and leads in Sales Navigator:
You can leverage tags to organize your saved accounts and leads by grouping them in a way that works the best for you.
Read more here:

After you finished tagging the relevant people, go to search for leads and uses the "Tag" filter (below)

2. Lead list:
Read more here:
The only limitation in this option is that GX supports only the full list. Therefore it's better to create just one "saved" file under the same user.

3. Account search:
In this case, you must first delete the companies you are following (the companies you chose in the initial sales navigator setting):

  • Delete the companies that are not relevant

  • Save the companies you wish to target

  • Go to sale navigator main page--> include/exclude--> search within my account--> use more filters to narrow and focus your target audience

  • Copy the URL link and pasted it in our app

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