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Deleting or Archiving Campaigns
Deleting or Archiving Campaigns

Learn how to delete or archive campaigns from the dashboard.

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To delete or archive a campaign in Growth-X, follow these steps:

  • Select the Relevant Campaign:

    • Navigate to the campaign list and select the campaign you wish to manage.

  • Access the Archive or Delete Option:

    • Within the pop-up window for the selected campaign, click the icon in the top right-hand corner.

    • Choose "Archive" or "Delete" from the dropdown menu.

Archiving a Campaign:

  • By clicking "Archive," the campaign will disappear from your campaign's active dashbord and will appear on your archieved dashboard.

  • Archiving is a way to keep the data intact while removing the campaign from active view.

  • You can still view and export your connections and prospects' data.

πŸ‘‰ Check this article to learn how to Archieve campaigns easily.

Deleting a Campaign:

  • If the campaign never runs, you have the option to either delete or archive it.

  • Deleting a campaign removes it permanently, making it irreversible.

  • Use this option only if you are certain the campaign is no longer needed.

πŸ€“ Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Avoid Premature Archiving:

    • We generally don't recommend archiving campaigns prematurely.

    • There is always a possibility that the people invited through a particular campaign will accept your invitation to connect later.

    • You can send follow-up messages to that targeted audience by leaving the campaign active.

  • Turn Off Invites Instead:

    • If you decide not to pursue a campaign immediately, we recommend turning off the 'invites' setting for that campaign.

    • This allows you to pause the campaign without losing the ability to reactivate it in the future.

  • Scheduling Follow-Ups:

    • Consider running follow-ups a week or two later if you are still interested in engaging with that audience.

    • You can add a note in the campaign heading to remind yourself and other users about the current status and next steps.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively manage your campaigns while maintaining the flexibility to engage with your audience as needed.

If you need more help, please feel free to message us within the app or email us at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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