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Guide for Managing Leads
Guide for Managing Leads

Tips to reduce clutter in your inbox and manage responses

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Once you start using Growth-X, you'll be surprised at the amount of incoming leads coming your way. That's why, to help you stay organized and reduce clutter, here are some quick tips for setting up and managing your leads on a daily basis.

The Setup

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn account settings and select the communications section. Select 'Email Frequency' and tick Invitations and Messages. This will allow you to only receive email alerts for new messages in LinkedIn - however you can have other notifications to your preference as well. 

Step 2: Open the drop down menu next to 'invitations and messages' and tick Messages from Connections.

Step 3: Open one more drop down menu next to 'messages from connections' and select Individual Notifications.

Step 4:
When receiving LinkedIn message notifications in your Gmail, click the email and reply to the conversation from there. The 'View Message' button will take you directly to the LinkedIn's message landing page and into the conversation. There you can reply accordingly. This way no leads or messages will fall in between the cracks.
Once you reply or view the message, archive the notification in your email folder.

Step 5: Within Gmail, set a filter that all incoming mail from LinkedIn will automatically be labeled as "Responses From LinkedIn".

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