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Will LinkedIn users receive follow messages if they respond to the invite?
Will LinkedIn users receive follow messages if they respond to the invite?
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There are two cases where a lead can still receive a follow-up (or second follow-up) message even if they responded in the conversation. Unless this is the intention, we have a feature and a best practice in LinkedIn to prevent this.

1. "Exclude responders from follow-ups button" in the campaign settings box.

By keeping this button turned on, Growth-X will not send your intended follow-up and second follow-up messages to people that immediately start chatting with you after being sent an invite.

This is important. You want to tailor your sales pitch to someone that has already begun expressing interest in you.

If you disable this option, you will send the same follow-up and second follow-up message to everyone that accepts your invitations, regardless of whether or not they have already begun chatting with you.

2. Archiving the conversation after the receiver responds on LinkedIn. 

Our system scans all responses; that's how we are able to omit receivers from the next sequence of messages. If the receiver sends a reply and it's manually placed in the archive folder in the SalesNavigator inbox, we will not be able to scan the receiver's reply in order to exclude them from getting a follow-up message. This is something that should not be done manually because our system does it for you.

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