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Understanding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Level Connections
Understanding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Level Connections
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1st Level Connections: People who have already accepted your invitation or vice versa.

2nd Level Connections: People connected to your 1st Level Connections.

3rd Level Connections: A connection of a connection of a connection.

Growth-X will never send invites to people that are already your 1st Level Connections, or to people whom you have already invited to connect (either manually or in any Growth-X campaign).

By default, when you do a search for people on LinkedIn, the 3rd Level Connections will also appear in your Search Results. This is problematic because, for Normal Accounts, Linkedin’s commercial use limit is triggered when too many searches have been detected by linkedin, especially if these searches include 3rd level connections.

Once the limit is hit - Linkedin does not allow the account to make any additional searches until the end of the month.

When users with Normal Accounts copy-paste a Search URL into the Growth-X dashboard, the platform does 2 things:

a) We remove the 3rd Level Connections from Search Results (so you won't reach you commercial use limit).

b) We add to the Search Results the LinkedIn Users that are in the same groups as you (this helps broaden the targeted Search Results).

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