In order to use Growth-X, your LinkedIn account must have at least 500 connections or be active for over a year with at least 300 connections.
If the user has less than this amount/time period, it's risky to start automation as LinkedIn could detect a sudden spike of activity and raise a flag.

Growth-X supports only Sales Navigator (LinkedIn Premium) accounts.

The default language must be set to English.

Since the app runs on a AWS server, your account manager must verify your LinkedIn account with a verification code.

The daily invite total will start at 50/day and reach up to a maximum of 100/day.
Your daily invite limit should be a percent based on your current connection, ideally 3-5% of total connections. For example, if you have 1000 connections, your daily invite limit should be 30-50. Your network will grow with new connections while using Growth-X so you can increase this amount accordingly.

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