When creating a campaign, we recommend dividing your audience into 3/4 groups and creating a specific message to each group.

Use keywords which appeal and relate to each group. This allows you to create more targeted messages, and get better conversion rates.

For example: if you're an IT Company targeting Dentist Offices, you may write something like this in your Invite Message:

"Hi {receiver.first_name}, My name is {user.first_name}, I work for ______ (we provide IT services for dentist offices), I was wondering if you have any need for managed IT services?" 

If you're using the invite to ask for help, then this approach should be taken in the followup message too. You can always "ask for help" with a sentence like this - "I was wondering if you'll be interested in hearing more? Or if not - maybe you could help me with anyone else you have in mind who may find our services useful."

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