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GX Inbox Access for Archived Users
GX Inbox Access for Archived Users
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This update allows archived users to view conversations in the GX inbox while ensuring the integrity of the archival state is maintained.

  • Conversations in 'Archived' Section: Users who are archived can now find their conversations neatly organized under a dedicated 'Archived' section within the GX inbox.

  • Read-Only Interaction: To preserve the status of archived users, we have disabled the ability to send messages. This means archived users will not see the text input field, 'Send,' 'Attach,' and 'Templates' buttons, nor will they be able to add nurturing campaign fields.

  • Distinct Visual Cues: To differentiate between active and archived users in the sidebar, we have introduced visual distinctions that make it immediately clear which users are archived (as shown in the picture).

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