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New 'Manage Notifications' Feature for Customized Email Alerts
New 'Manage Notifications' Feature for Customized Email Alerts
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This new section, accessible from the account settings drop-down menu, gives you full control of your communication preferences from Growth-X.

  • Weekly Email Reports: Toggle on or off to receive weekly summaries sent directly to your preferred email address.

  • Email Address Customization: Specify and edit the email address where you wish to receive notifications, ensuring you stay informed wherever you prefer.

  • Notification Categories:

    • Warning Notifications: Customize your notification settings to receive alerts about warnings related to your account or campaigns.

    • Unread Notifications: Stay updated on any activity you might have missed.

    • Error Notifications: Get notified about errors in your account or campaigns

How to Manage Notifications
1. Go to Accounts Settings > Manage Notifications.

​2. From this section, you can add the email address you wish to receive the campaign's weekly report and choose where to send user-specific notifications.

πŸ“§ Here's a snapshot of the insightful email notifications you'll receive when you opt-in through the 'Manage Notifications' section.

Warning Notification

Unread Notification

If you need more help, please message us within the app or at

Happy Growing!

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