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Campaign Dashboard Update: Renaming for Clarity and Consistency
Campaign Dashboard Update: Renaming for Clarity and Consistency

Renaming From 'To Be Invited' to 'To Be Outreached'

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In our continuous effort to enhance clarity and improve user experience on the Growth-X platform, we have significantly updated the campaign dashboard. This change reflects our commitment to consistency and better aligns with the overall strategy of our users.

Column Name Change

The column previously known as 'To be invited' has been renamed to 'To be outreached.'

Why the Change?

This renaming aligns the column name more closely with the broader range of outreach activities it encompasses, including not just invitations but also Inmails, nurturing efforts, and message requests.

Consistent Terminology

The new name, 'To be outreached,' integrates seamlessly with other terminologies used across the platform, ensuring a uniform and intuitive user experience.

🚨 Important: The inclusion of this column on your campaign dashboard is optional. You can customize its visibility via your column settings.

If you need more help, please message us within the app or at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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