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LinkedIn Hyperlinks in GX Inbox
LinkedIn Hyperlinks in GX Inbox
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The addition of LinkedIn hyperlinks within the GX inbox is a step towards more integrated and efficient communication.
It simplifies learning about your contacts' backgrounds and aligns with our goal of providing a seamless and comprehensive user experience on the Growth-X platform.

πŸ”— Simpler Access to LinkedIn Hyperlinks

Company Name as a Hyperlink: In your GX inbox, you'll now find that each company name mentioned in conversation details is a clickable hyperlink.
​This feature is designed to save you time and enhance your networking strategy. With direct links, you can quickly jump to LinkedIn for a deeper understanding of the companies you're engaging with.

Direct Access to LinkedIn Profiles: These hyperlinks lead directly to the company's LinkedIn profile, providing immediate access to essential lead information and updates.

If you need more help, please message us within the app or at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team​

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