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Streamlining Nurturing Campaigns
Streamlining Nurturing Campaigns
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Our latest feature takes nurturing campaigns to a whole new level 😎
Imagine being able to add a contact to a nurturing campaign right from your inbox conversation with just a few clicks. No more navigating through menus or switching tabs – it's all done effortlessly within the conversation.

Follow these Steps:

Step 1. Open the Conversation: Open the conversation with the contact you want to add to a nurturing campaign. It could be a potential lead, a client, or anyone you're engaging with on LinkedIn.

Step 2: Click and Select: In the conversation window, you'll notice a new icon – a small campaign badge just below the contact's information. Click on it, and a list of your active nurturing campaigns will appear.

Step 3: Choose the Nurturing Campaign


Step 4: Click Save.

Note: If you want you remove the contact from the selected nurturing campaigns, click clear.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or email us at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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