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Outreached Column on the Campaign Dashboard
Outreached Column on the Campaign Dashboard
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We have introduced a new "Outreached" column to the campaign dashboard.
This new feature provides valuable insights into your outreach efforts, allowing you to track and monitor your first contact actions within each campaign.

The "Outreached" column displays the following metrics:

  • Invited: The number of invitations sent.

  • The initial message of nurturing campaigns sent is the initial message sent in nurturing campaigns.

  • Message requests sent: The number of message requests sent.

  • InMail sent: The count of InMail messages sent.

πŸ”Š Important key points about this Feature

  1. Outreached Column as Default: The Outreached column will now be the default view on your campaign dashboard. This change is aimed at providing a more consolidated and direct overview of your outreach activities.

  2. Invited, Nurtured, Message Requests, Inmail – Now Optional: Previously integral parts of your dashboard, the columns for Invited, Nurtured, Inmails, and Message Requests have been shifted to optional status. You can now choose to view these columns based on your specific needs.

​​Access these optional columns through the columns menu. This allows you to tailor your dashboard view to your campaign's unique requirements, ensuring that the information most critical to you is always front and center.

Enhanced Outreach Column with Hover Functionality

We've introduced an enhanced feature in the Outreach column - a hover function that reveals detailed insights at a glance.

  • On Hover - A Deeper Dive into Outreach: Simply hover your cursor over the Outreach column. You'll instantly see a split view showing the types and counts of your outreach efforts.

  • Categories Revealed: This split view categorizes outreach into several types: Invited, Inmail, Nurtured, and Message Requests.

  • Count at a Glance: Not only the type but also the count of each outreach category is displayed, offering a quick and comprehensive understanding of your outreach activities.

This feature is designed to give you a more detailed overview of your outreach efforts, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategize more effectively. Keep an eye on the Outreach column – now a powerhouse of information, just a hover away!

If you need more help, please message us within the app or at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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