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Growth-X Lead Generation Process
Growth-X Lead Generation Process
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When doing Lead generation with GX, you're doing cold outreach for sales purposes, so you must have an ideal ICP very clearly filtered in your Search URL. Otherwise, you will get too many “no thank you” or irrelevant meetings.

🤓 How to use GX at 100% potential for your lead generation?

  1. Start small: building a big URL and seeing that you have a potential of 2.5K people is exciting! But ods tell us that most of these people will not be the most relevant audience for your business. If you just started using GX, or you feel like you could have a better conversion rate, reduce your potential to 500 people, so it will take only two weeks and a half for an acquisition campaign to finish.

    In order to filter out irrelevant prospects, make use of negative filters OR keywords, but not both, as Linkedin Sales Navigator is known to have bugs when combining these in one search URL. What specific characteristics does your audience have that they would mention in their personal or company profile?

  2. Create Duplicates: with the same audience and create content A, B and C. A and B will have Invite, follow up, 2nd follow-up, and 3rd follow-up, but different approaches. Content C will not have an invite message to test if your audience responds better to have a message at this stage of the sequence or better to leave it empty.

  3. Are you using acquisition+? This campaign is a premium feature you can get to increase your invite pool!

    Using Acquisition+ increases your invite volume and your chances to close more deals faster while reducing your cost per lead per user. You can get 200 extra invites a week!!!

  4. Do you have Nurturing campaigns? You could think of Nurturing as the replacement for Email re-marketing but on Linkedin. With Nurturing, you can target 1st-degree contacts (people already connected with you) in order to send one message in bulk. So if you have a new sale, a new product or anything worth communicating to a portion of your contacts, consider using nurturing for easier communication.

    Nurturing campaigns is key for re-targeting. After building a decent amount of connections in your profile, you’ll find out that categorizing your leads per type will help you filter within connections to showcase your company’s advances and interest them in a demo.

  5. Tagging: tagging conversations is key to success. If you tag your prospects, you could do the following:

    - Confirm your ICP within hot leads.
    - Exclude irrelevant leads finding negative keywords or parameters in common.
    - Re-target positive leads that didn’t convert into meetings yet.
    - Categorize irrelevant leads by type. If you have 10 leads that didn’t convert because of budget, then you could consider doing a special promo and adjusting the company size or revenue for better targeting!
    - Monitor your account's success. When tagging is very easy to see how many leads are converted into every stage, so keep your tags updated to do easy and fast reports!

6. Log in to your account: at least twice a day to answer leads. Two weeks after your campaign of 500 potential starts, start reviewing results and build your next URL with your CSM during a status meeting based on your findings after studying the tagged conversations and current results.

7. Repeat 😎

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or send an email to

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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