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Generate a B2B Facebook Audience
Generate a B2B Facebook Audience

Learn how to use LinkedIntoFB

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πŸ‘‰πŸ» The Problem
B2B targeting criteria like job title, seniority level, industry, or company size don't work on Facebook and Instagram. And thus, B2B marketers often end up with poor, disappointing results.

β€‹πŸ‘‰πŸ» The Solution
LinkedIntoFB allows you to create custom B2B audiences for Facebook and Instagram advertising based on Linkedin Sales Navigator searches. Resulting in highly relevant Facebook and Instagram Ads with lower ad cost per result, a better-targeted audience, and higher conversion rates.
You will be turning an unsuccessful, poor B2B marketing channel into a potent one 😎

Getting Started πŸ€“

  1. Generate your Search URL from the Sales Navigator (here's how) and paste it.

  2. Find your Facebook Advertising ID (here's how) and paste it.

  3. Add your contact Email where you want to receive status updates about your request.

  4. Hit Send. You will receive an email when your audience is ready to be used.

  5. Once you receive the confirmation email, accept the Terms of Service for each audience in your Facebook account (here's how).

  6. You are now prepared to use your B2B audience on Facebook ads. You can follow this guide to create your campaign.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the Growth-x website or send an email to

Happy Growing!

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