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Profile view limit reached
Profile view limit reached

Warning about profile view limit reached

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What is a Profile Views Limit? πŸ€”

Profile views limit describes how many profile pages Growth-X can open for a user daily. This limit exists because Linkedin can restrict a user if it opens too many profile pages on the same day.
​What's the page view limit?

100 profiles pages daily (this includes both the Sales Navigator profile page and LinkedIn profile page)

​When does the Growth-X app open a profile page? 😯

  • When saving a connection.

  • When sending CSV invite or CSV nurturing message.

  • When we send a standard nurturing message.

Ok, what do I need to do? πŸ€“
Don't worry! We will take care of everything and let you know with a warning message in the campaign tab and/or inbox error. And the campaigns will restart automatically on the next day.

The Growth-X Team

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