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Blacklist of Companies
Blacklist of Companies
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With this new feature, you can now exclude a list of companies from all campaigns on your account.

This can be done via:

1️⃣. Your Account Seetings:

  1. Click Account Settings on the app.

2. On the Blacklist entry box, add the companies' names you want to exclude from your campaigns.

**Please note that companies' names should be separated by commas, with no white space.

Blacklisting Catch-All

  • Without Double Quotations:

    • If a word is mentioned in the blacklist field without double quotations, all companies that include this word will be excluded from receiving invites.

    • Example:

      • Word: Water

        • Excluded Companies:

          • The British company for water and electricity (Blacklisted)

          • Water (Blacklisted)

  • With Double Quotations:

    • If the words are mentioned in the blacklist field with double quotations, only companies with the exact same name will be excluded from receiving invites.

    • Example:

      • Words: "Growth"

        • Excluded Companies:

          • The growth (Won’t be blacklisted)

          • Growth (Blacklisted)

2️⃣. Your Campaign Settings

You will see a filter called "Exclude Companies," within your advanced settings of your campaigns, as seen below.

🚨 NOTE: If you are looking for 100% exclusion accuracy, using the exclude filters in the Search URL is always better. This functionality looks for text matches and, in some sporadic cases, will not work.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or email us at

Happy Growing!

The Growth-X Team

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