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With the 'Inbox Feature', you can answer prospects, tag hot leads and manage all your messages from LinkedIn seamlessly, all in one place within the Growth-X App.

The Growth-X Inbox can be accessed on the left side panel below 'Connections'.

You can see how many unread messages you have in that tab. Currently we only display conversations which contain at least one response from the lead.

  • If you have multiple Users, you can click and switch between them at the top section of the message list panel. Each user will have the amount of unread messages showing next to their name.

  • Unread messages have a blue dot next to them, you can mark them read or unread by clicking on the eye symbol next to the message.

  • You can scroll through the conversations in the list, the current conversation is highlighted in blue.

  • In the current conversation your messages appear in grey and the receiver's messages are blue. There is a date/time when a message was received or sent and when the prospected connected.

  • Hover your mouse over the info button to view the prospect's job title.

  • Tag interesting receivers as hot-lead or any other tag you like. Make sure you use the same tag for a group of leads. The default tags are 'positive' , 'not positive' 'hot-lead' , 'closed deal'. You can also define your own tag with free text.

  • You can then export this group of tagged connections through the Connections tab.

  • Enter the tag name, select 'search by tag' from the drop down menu, hit search, then export the list.

Replying to messages:

  • When you respond to a prospect in the app, the message will be visible in the conversation with the status 'waiting to be sent'. Once the message has successfully sent, it will show the updated date and time.

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