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Invite Volume Management Feature
Invite Volume Management Feature

increase or decrease the number of invites per campaign

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Growth-X splits the daily limit of invites across all campaigns evenly.

With this feature, you can adjust the volume (number of invites sending) per campaign.

There are three levels of how to categorize the volume of invites assigned to the campaign:

Normal - evenly (usual amount of invites)

High - double the amount of invites

Very High - triple the amount of invites

For example, if a user has 100 daily maximum invites and two campaigns with volume "Normal", Growth-X will send 50 invites in each campaign.

If a user has 100 daily maximum invites, two campaigns with volume "Normal" and one campaign with volume "High", Growth-X will send 25 invites the two campaigns set to "Normal" and 50 with the campaign set to "High".

Note: Setting all campaigns at level "High" will have same effect as setting them all at "Normal".

To select the volume of invites for your campaign, open the campaign template and select 'Advanced Options'.

Select the Volume you would like for your campaign and hit 'Save'.

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