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How to Integrate your Twitter Account to Growth-X
How to Integrate your Twitter Account to Growth-X
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Once your Twitter feature is unlocked, please follow the directions below to sync your Twitter account with Growth-X:

1. Create a Twitter developer account by navigating to this site: .
Sign in using your normal twitter account login. Click 'Apply'.

2. Click 'Apply for Developer account'

3. Select the 'Making a Bot' option from the selection. 

4. Fill in the required information and click 'Next'

5. Fill in the required information, click next and continue to finish registration. 

6. It will take about a day for the developer account to be approved, once it is, please continue to create the app. 

7. Select 'Create an App' button.

8. Fill in the required fields and click 'Create'

9. Read and approve the Developer Terms and click 'Create' 

How to get the API details: 

10. Open 'Keys and Tokens' tab 

11. Open Growth-X App to the specific campaign(s) you would like to enable the Twitter feature for and toggle 'Auto Follow Connections on Twitter' and 'Save'. 

12. Go to the 'Users' tab in the app, select your email to insert the API info in the user details section. 

13. Go back to the Twitter page, Copy API Key and Secret API key and insert in the user detail section in the app (as seen above). Then click create to generate the Access token and Secret token.

15. Insert Access token and Secret token in the app (same section as above) and 'Save'. 

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