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How to integrate Growth-X with your CRM
How to integrate Growth-X with your CRM
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How to set up your zap:

  1. Visit this link

  2. Select 'Make a Zap' in your Zapier account. 

2. Select the trigger - Growth-X Version (1.0.4)

3. Chose app & event (New Responder or New Connection).

4. Choose Account - click on add new account and add your analytics code.

You can find your analytics code on your 'Account Stats' page (campaign Dashboard, click three dots icon on top-right, then click "More Details", and a new window will open with the stats page). Copy the analytics code.

Paste the analytics code in the pop-up window.

5. Test your step to confirm it's syncing the right data.

 6. Select your second step: 'Action/Search'.

Select your CRM and the action event to 'Create/Update Contact', depending on the options offered for creating contacts.

7. Connect your CRM user account from the Choose Account step.

8. Insert the data from Growth-X to the appropriate contact information fields. For example, for the contact email field, select the email example. There are required fields and optional fields, depending on your CRM settings.

9. Once the contact information is added, send a test and check if the contact was created in your CRM.
10. Name your Zap and toggle it 'On'. 

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