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Understanding your potential invites
Understanding your potential invites

Why is my potential number of invites more than actually sent? Why am I being asked to update my search URL?

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An explanation of how many actual invites you are able to send versus Sales Navigator and Growth-X ' results.

If you are being asked to update your Search URL but see there are invites left to be sent, this is an explanation of the discrepancy. 

1. First connections on LinkedIn

The search URL in Sales Navigator will display all connections, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd (unless you filter them from the beginning). For example, without filtering connections, your SN search shows 1,000 results. Once you insert the link into the Growth-X app it automatically updates and filters out 1st connections (we cannot send invites to people you are already connected to). Additionally, any new connections made during the campaign will update the number of 'Potential' invites.

Just to clarify how it works:
1. You start a new campaign with a search URL that includes 1000 results (assuming you excluded 1st level connections in the search)
2. We run the campaign for the first time. Potential gets updated to 1000.
3. 50 invites got sent and no one yet accepted
4. What you will see in the stats is: Potential 1000, Invites 50
5. Later on the day the campaign runs again, the search is now showing 990, because 10 people accepted. What you will see in the stats is: Potential 990, Invites 50, accepted 20%
• notice that the potential updated because when we run the campaigns we always exclude the first-level connections, so if originally there were 1000 people in the results and 10 accepted, these 10 will not show up in the search now, thus removed from potential.
6. The next day we run the campaign again, but in the meantime, 20 people changed their job to become valid for what we are searching for, so now these 20 people joined the search URL. which means it shows 1010 (990+20), and so we will update the potential to 1010.

2. Invites already sent / Pending Invites

These include historical, manual, or already sent invites to receivers through the current or past G-X campaigns. Though they may not have connected with you, LinkedIn does not allow more than one invitation to be sent to the same receiver from a LinkedIn account.  

3. Users with email required

Some receivers on LinkedIn hide their email, therefore we cannot send them an invite. These receivers will automatically be skipped over. Let's say 100 requires an email, the actual number of invites will be 900 however in the potential you see 1000.

4. Invites sent by other GX users in your account 

If you have more than one user* in your Growth-X account, you cannot send an invite to the same receiver. This is for the purpose of not sending more than one message invite from the same company.

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