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How Do I Exclude Specific Companies From My Campaign?
How Do I Exclude Specific Companies From My Campaign?
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There are thre ways to exclude specific companies from your campaigns:

a) Via campaign settings: you will see a filter called "Exclude Companies," as seen below.

Note that this method excludes companies' work which is good and faster but not 100% accurate because we look for strings in the Sales Navigator search page snippet.

b) Via your Account Settings

NOTE: Everything between commas in the blacklist is considered a single word. i.g you need to change Oracle Corporation to Oracle.

c) Via the Sales Navigator lead filters

Add the word NOT in capitals and parentheses surrounding the company name within the company OR keyword filter. Add OR (also capitalized) between companies if there is more than one you would like to omit.

*Be sure to only use one tag to string all the companies you want to exclude from the search.*

Use the keyword box in the same format.

NOTE: If you want to exclude Facebook and Google from your campaign, you can use the 'Company' filter or Keyword box. The format should be the same for both.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or email us at

Happy Growing!

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