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How To Export Your Growth-X Leads
How To Export Your Growth-X Leads
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a) Export all leads via the Desktop App

You can export all your leads via your Connections Tab. You'll notice there's a button on the top-right, as seen in the screenshot.

b) Export  specific leads via the Desktop App 

Search and filter lead results based on a variety of fields :

Once your target connections appear in your Search Results, check the box next to each lead individually or select all and press the  'Actions' button, then export. 

c) Export Leads through your Account Stats Dashboard

There are two options from which you can export leads within your Account Stats Dashboard.

  1. 'Export Leads' section within your Account Stats Dashboard provides a shareable link which you can also download the CSV file with, it's the last section at the bottom of the Dashboard. 

2. The 'Campaign' table also has a CSV file download /shareable link, it can be found as the last row of the section. This link provides connection's data per individual campaign.

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