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How to Enable Campaign Sequences: Invites and Follow-Ups
How to Enable Campaign Sequences: Invites and Follow-Ups
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To start sending invites and follow-ups for your campaigns, you need to enable these features within the main Campaigns view. Follow these steps to ensure your campaigns are set up correctly:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Drop-Down Menu:

    • On the left-most column of each campaign, you will find a drop-down menu with several options to enable.

  2. Enable Required Actions:

    • I: Invite

    • F: First Follow-up

    • S: Second Follow-up

    • T: Third Follow-up

    Select the actions you want to enable for your campaign. Their respective symbols will indicate the selected features (I, F, S, T).

  3. Symbols Indication:

    • Once selected, you will see which campaigns have which features enabled according to their symbols (IFS). If the drop-down button shows no text, it means no features are turned on for this campaign and it can be considered as draft.

  4. Run the Campaign:

    • After enabling the correct features for each campaign, press the 'Master' button to start running the campaigns.

  5. Sorting Campaigns:

    • By clicking the' Up & Down Arrows, ' you can sort your campaigns according to the features they have enabled.

Following these steps ensures your campaigns are properly configured and ready to engage your target audience effectively.

If you need assistance along the way, please feel free to message us within the app or send an email to

Happy Growing!

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