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How to use LinkedIn advanced Boolean Searching?
How to use LinkedIn advanced Boolean Searching?
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In the following example, we'll be looking at searching for the Director of Devops. For this search, using a Boolean within the Title filter can be very effective. To search for our director, we'll paste the following text into the Title filter of Sales Navigator:

(Director OR Senior OR Head OR Lead) AND (DevOps)  NOT (Assistant OR Junior)

Like so:

This search will include anybody that has the words Director of Devops or Senior Devops or Lead Devops and so on... specifically within the Title of one of their current positions. 

In addition, the search will exclude anybody that has the word Junior or Assistant anywhere within the Title field. This exclusion occurs because of the second half of the Boolean text located above:

NOT (Assistant OR Junior)

To create your own Boolean search, you can use re-use the format mentioned above. This format comes in handy for clients that are trying to hyper-target a specific audience. Remember: in between every keyword, put a capital OR separator. For example, if you're looking for the Head of Sales. You might use this search:

(Director OR Senior OR Head OR Lead) AND (Sales)

For help in crafting the perfect Search URL, feel free to write us at: or via the in-app messenger tool.

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