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Understanding Your Account Stats Dashboard
Understanding Your Account Stats Dashboard
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The Account Stats Dashboard provides you with in-depth analytics on all your GX account activity. You can access your Account Stats  Dashboard by clicking the graph icon on the top-right of your Campaigns View.

Here are some examples of questions this dashboard can answer for you:

  1. How many invites did I send over a specific period of time?

  2. Which campaigns are providing me with the highest quality leads?

  3. What are the responses that a specific LinkedIn User generated via a specific GX  Campaign - and what are the Profile URL's of those leads that responded? 

  4. Which people were invited to connect via a specific campaign? 

  5. Which campaign content converts best for my specific product or service?

To get started with using this dashboard to extract actionable insights for future campaigns, here is a short overview of the features.

When you open your dashboard in a browser, it will show you the latest GX data of your account. The dashboard has 6 charts, and 5 filters. When you enter data into the filters, the charts get updated automatically to reflect those filters.

Sharing the Dashboard

As you filter your data according to your interests, the URL of the dashboard also gets updated. That means, when you find a view of the dashboard with just-the-right data, you can copy the URL and share it with a colleague in order to share with them the specific view of the dashboard based on the current filters.

The Filters

  1. Campaign: Insert the full name of any GX Campaign. 

  2. User Name: Insert the full name of a LinkedIn User associated with your GX Account.

  3. Message Type: Insert "invite" (to see invites), "message" (to see followup messages), 'response' (to see responses), or 'second_message' (to see second-followups). 

  4. Date: Choose to see your GX activity before, after, between, or on specific dates.

The Charts

  1. Overall Stats: This table displays the over all number of invites, connections and responses. It also calculates the conversion rate of connections in comparison to invites and response rate in comparison to connections.

  2. Activity Graph: This bar chart segments the amount of invites, followups, and second-followups you sent per day, and the amount of responses GX saved per day. This is a good chart for understanding the efficiency of a specific campaign. To see only the activity attributed to a specific campaign, use the 'Campaign' filter at the top of your dashboard. The 'Date' filter can also be helpful here if you want to see a big picture of your GX activity over a specific time.

  3. Messages: If you click on the chart, and use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your keyboard, you'll see more data about that specific lead, including: a clickable link to the lead's LinkedIn profile, the campaign that the lead was invited through, message content, lead's name and date the message was sent. The message content is auto- set to display 'response' but you can filter the type of message you want displayed such as invite or follow-up. 

  4. Campaign Details - This chart provides easy access to your Campaign content. While you're using the dashboard to investigate the performance and activity of a given campaign, it's always helpful to see the content producing those results.

  5.  Export Leads
    The last table displays a URL link that allows you to download a CSV file or JSON display of your connections from today or yesterday.

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