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4 Reasons to Wait for the Followup Message Before You Make Your Pitch
4 Reasons to Wait for the Followup Message Before You Make Your Pitch
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As a Growth-X user, you have access to thousands of professionals - and you're sending them messages which are going to a very intimate place - their LinkedIn Message Box. 

With this great power comes a great temptation to pitch in the "Invite" message - the logic being "The more people see my pitch, the more conversions I'll get".

This assumption is sadly mistaken however, and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Danger of of Getting Flagged

At GX, we're constantly researching: 'what are the factors' that cause a LinkedIn User to get blocked' - in this way, we can steer clear of those actions, AND warn our clients. 

In simplest terms: an invite message that is too aggressive could get your LinkedIn Account blocked. As a GX client, we taken our responsibility seriously to at least inform you of our findings.

2. Poorer Results

From our experience running LinkedIn campaigns across many different industries, we've found (across the board) that waiting for the "Followup" message to make your pitch will provide you with better results.

3. Starting the Relationship off on the Wrong Foot 

If you were meeting someone for the first time at a conference - what kind of first impression do you believe would set the groundwork for a fruitful relationship?

That's why it's crucial - that just like when you're meeting someone face to face - you don't come off as too strong.

4. People connect with people, not businesses.

As a guiding theme, we've found that when creating LinkedIn content: the less aggressive you are and the less you try to push your product/company/service in the invite - the stronger the invite (and followup) will be and the better the chance to convert.

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