If you're seeing double follow-ups being sent to people that you've invited to connect via the app, there are 2 possibilities.

a) You're sending the first follow-up manually. This is an important thing to avoid. 

When you run your first campaigns, you'll be excited about all the responses you're getting and will be tempted to answer back right away.

This is a big mistake, and will cause your audience to receive double follow-ups. Instead, wait until the next time you play your follow-up campaigns with the Growth-X app. This will ensure that every new lead will receive only one follow-up message.

b) The second possibility is that LinkedIn changed their source code, and this caused Growth-X to make a mistake. In this case, you should contact us immediately and inform us of:

  • the campaign that generated the double follow-ups
  • the LinkedIn user (or users) that generated the double follow-ups
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