Request an invite to the Zapier by sending an email to or visit this link, then follow these steps:

  1. 'Make a Zap' in your Zapier account
  2. Search for an select  Growth-X (1.0.1) as the first step. 

3. Select 'New Connection' as the trigger, save and continue.

4.  Find your analytics code - located in 'Account Stats' in your Growth-X app, copy the analytics code (go to campaigns tab, click stats icon on top-right, a new window will open, and copy the analytics code value from the filter). 

5. Paste your Analytics Code in the required field and continue.

6. Wait for sample leads to be pulled from your Growth-X account or you can skip this step and use the default sample. 

 6. Select your second step as 'Action/Search'. Select your CRM from the app options.

7. Select 'Create or Update Contact' then Save + Continue. 

8. Select 'Connect an Account' and connect to your CRM account. Save+Continue

9. Set up your template but selecting all the fields you want included in your integration (the email is required by default). Click the drop down menu next to the relevant category and select what data will be pulled from the sample. Click 'continue' to save and finish the last step. 

10. Send a test to your CRM or skip this step.
Click 'Finish', name your Zap and toggle the off button to turn your Zap on. 

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