Request an invite to the Zapier by sending an email to or visit this link, then follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Make a Zap' in your Zapier account. 

       2. Search for an select  Growth-X - Connection (1.0.1) OR Growth-X - New Responder  (1.0.2) as the first step. 

3. Select trigger according to the version and click continue. 

4. Find your analytics code. It's located in your 'Account Stats' page that can be found in your Growth-X app (go to campaigns tab, click stats icon on top-right, a new window will open with the stats page). Copy the analytics code. 

5. Paste your Analytics Code in the required field and hit 'Continue'.

6. Test your step to and select 'Find Connection':

 7. Select your second step as 'Action/Search'. Select your CRM from the app options and select 'Create or Update Contact'.

8. Customize the template with required and your own selected fields, once you're finished select 'Continue'.

9. Once your template is complete, send a test to the selected CRM to check if the contact was created.

10. Send a test to your CRM or skip this step.
11. Name your Zap, go back to 'My Zaps' and toggle to turn it on. 

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