So, you've realized that you want to target people on LinkedIn, and you want to use Growth-X to automate that process. What's next?

In this article we'll take you through the basics of building your first campaign. In order to do that, let's cover the building blocks of a GX Campaign:

The invite message
: This is the message that gets attached to your invitation. You've probably frequently seen it within your email box.

Next, we have the Follow-Up Message: This is the second message (following the invite). It can only be sent after the person that was invited accepts your invite to connect.

The Receiver will see this message in their LinkedIn inbox directly after the custom message that was attached to your invitation.

Important Note: When you run campaigns: an automated browser will pop up - Don't minimize or change the size of this automated browser.

When the automated browser pops up, the following 4 things happen:

a) The app will navigate to the Search URLs you've defined in your currently enabled campaigns, and send out your daily quota of invites. 

b) The app automatically scrolls through your LinkedIn message box, and looks for people that have responded.

c) The app visits your connections page, and sends the followup message to every person that accepted your invite to connect through your GX campaigns. By default, the app will skip all the new connections that have responded. You can disable this feature (and send followups to responders, as well, via the "Exclude Responders" button within your Campaign Settings).

Important Note: Don't manually follow-up with people that haven't responded. If you do, the app will not recognize that you've sent a followup, and send a second follow-up. Instead, let the app do all the work for you, and only followup with people that have responded while leaving the "Exclude Responders" feature turned on.

d) The data of people that have responded, or that you've followed up with, will be available in your 'Connections' Tab. To read more about the Connections features, check out this guide.

Before we set you free to start growth hacking, please take a moment to review our System and LinkedIn Requirements.

Feel free to reach us at or via the in-app messenger tool. We're always happy to help and are looking forward to helping you achieve valuable conversations with professionals in your target audience.

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